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15 Examples of Open Innovation between Big Companies and Startups

Open innovation is a strategic game for big companies and one of the most important moves to consider for their innovation leaders is the allocation of focus and resources in the context …

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An Open Innovation Talk by Stefan Lindegaard (Video)

Do you want some insights and inspiration on open innovation? Then you should check out this presentation that I gave at the recent re:publica conference in Berlin.

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May 8, 2015
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Recent Posts by Stefan Lindegaard:

Free Webinar: What You Need to Know on the Execution of Innovation

by Stefan Lindegaard
May 20, 20155/20/15 1 Comment

Did you know that the front end of innovation has become the easy part of corporate innovation? The real challenge is the execution part.

Did you know that many companies focus more on ideas than people when it comes to innovation? Ideas are important, but people make things happen and thus the right order of focus should be people first, processes next and then ideas.

If these questions make you think about the execution of innovation, then you should join my webinar – hosted by HYPE Innovation – in which you will get these insights:

the key insights corporate innovators miss on the execution of innovation how corporate innovation teams can match the right people with the right ideas at the right time for better innovation (hint – the key is people pools) examples on how corporate innovation teams at successful companies deal with the execution of innovation

The webinars takes place on Wednesday, June 10th at 5:00 PM – 5:45 PM CEST

You can register, free of charge, here: What Corporate Innovators Need to Know on the Execution of Innovation

Intrapreneurs and Corporate Rebels: This Is for You!

by Stefan Lindegaard
May 19, 20155/19/15 2 Comments

I have been in love with the term intrapreneur – and the idea behind the term – for many years now. It is a term that many people do not understand in full, but in essence this is about people who do not like the status quo and are willing to put up an effort to change things within a larger organization that does not always welcome change.

As I am preparing to give a talk on how intrapreneurs can boost their careers and make their companies stronger at the upcoming Intrapreneurship Conference in London in May, I stumbled over some blog posts that I believe will be inspiring to those, who know what it means to be an intrapreneur and a corporate rebel.…

The Danger of Complacency: The Power of Nordic Innovation Fades Away

by Stefan Lindegaard
May 1, 20155/1/15 1 Comment

The Nordic countries and their companies have been heralded as true champions of innovation for many years. Although the countries are tiny in size, they have made a big impact around the world and everyone knows global icon companies such as Lego, Ikea and Nokia

Unfortunately, I think the Nordic countries and companies are getting into serious trouble with their innovation efforts. Lots of innovation activities and initiatives were shut down during the financial crisis and although things are starting to pick up again, it might be too late.…

Turkey: An Upcoming Innovation Powerhouse

by Stefan Lindegaard
April 26, 20154/26/15 1 Comment

As I interact more and more with Turkish companies and meet their corporate innovators, I begin to understand the potential in this emerging country.

Today, we don’t hear much about Turkish innovation efforts in the innovation community and we don’t hear them present great cases at the leading innovation conferences, but this is about to change.

You can just consider the below facts on the Turkish economy to get an idea of the scale of the underlying economic drivers that are in play.…

Communicators & Innovators: Why This Intersection Matters

by Stefan Lindegaard
April 17, 20154/17/15 1 Comment

Read this if you also ponder on the intersection of corporate innovation and communication.

“Look around. Stakeholders all over. Inside and outside.

You wonder why corporate innovators need to become better communicators.

Executives, heads of business units, managers, employees and external partners.

They all need different messages to help you get things done.

If you don’t get them onboard, you can’t deliver. Your company will not become the preferred partner of choice in the innovation ecosystems.…

Innovation Challenges: From Technology Breakthroughs to Focus on Customers

by Stefan Lindegaard
April 14, 20154/14/15 No Comments

One of the key innovation challenges at many companies, is the transition from being a company that focuses on technology breakthroughs to one that focuses on its customers.

As I was researching the program for the Chief Innovation Officer Summit in San Francisco, May 21-22, I was pleased to see that Jean-Claude Junqua from Panasonic will address this issue at the conference.

He states it like this in the description of his talk:

“For many companies, there is often a huge difference between what’s in their business plans and the market’s expectations for growth.…

The War for Talent: When Innovation Becomes an Employee Branding Tool

by Stefan Lindegaard
April 12, 20154/12/15 3 Comments

The war for talent is picking up again. More and more companies are starting to hire people for challenging positions and now we are starting to see examples of how innovation is being used as an employee branding tool.

Talents are attracted to work places where they can be intellectually stimulated, have freedom to operate and thus the ability to make things happen and make an impact on smaller or bigger issues in the world. This is a good description of what the leading companies in the context of innovation are striving for with regards to their corporate culture and their innovation capabilities.…

It’s The Distribution Channel, Stupid! – A Key for Profitable Innovation

by Stefan Lindegaard
March 22, 20153/22/15 1 Comment

As I am doing some research on the very interesting program of the Chief Innovation Officer Summit taking place in London on April 30 – May 1, the short description of a talk got my attention.

The title is “It’s The Distribution Channel, Stupid!” and in the talk, Carolina Costa from Orange will focus on an important topic that is relevant for more and more industries today.

The front end of innovation is no longer the big issue.…

A Presentation on Innovation

by Stefan Lindegaard
March 19, 20153/19/15 No Comments

Here you get a look at my current thoughts on innovation through a presentation that I will give tomorrow at the Turkey Innovation Week, where I am one of the keynote speakers.

It is a long talk – 1 hour – so I have compiled lots of content in this presentation. Yes, it might even have too many messages, but I hope the participants at the conference as well as those of you, who are just checking out the presentation, can find some inspiration in it without feeling overloaded with information.…

A Promising Future for Government-Driven Innovation

by Stefan Lindegaard
March 11, 20153/11/15 No Comments

During the 20th century Governments and public agencies such as NASA played a major role in the innovation chain. The Internet itself was born through public programs, just as GPS and many other game-changing technologies.

But in recent years, questions arose over the efficiency of public efforts, challenged by smart, dynamic, powerful corporations such as Google, on the one hand, or bottom-up and open source models, on the other hand.

Are Governments out of the game?…