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The Perfect Storm: Why Big Companies Get Better at Innovation

by Stefan Lindegaard
August 18, 20158/18/15 2 Comments

I had an interesting discussion recently in which I heard arguments why big companies are not good at innovation and why this will not change in the future, which belongs to the more nimble and adaptive startups.

I fully understand why many people do not believe in the innovation capabilities of big companies today and in the future, but I have faith in them. Things will change and we will see that big companies will improve significantly on their innovation efforts in the next 3-7 years.…

4 Lenses of Innovation: A Great Tool for Creativity and Innovation

by Stefan Lindegaard
August 13, 20158/13/15 5 Comments

I am a big fan of Rowan Gibson and his work on the 4 lenses of innovation. Not so long ago, Rowan published a book on his work and this is something you should definitely check out.

Rowan states that if we unpack hundreds of cases of successful innovation, it turns out that there is a common signature to all of these big ideas. Time and again, visionary inventors and entrepreneurs came to their insights and discoveries not by sitting there waiting for a Eureka moment but by looking at the world from particular perspectives.…

Stop Doing Stupid Things: The Innovation Challenge for All Companies

by Stefan Lindegaard
August 11, 20158/11/15 No Comments

There are lots of innovation challenges out there as there are lots of problems to be solved and lots of new ideas and input to be taken in.

One of the key issues with innovation challenges is to develop the right questions and challenges to ask to the right audience.

Today, I heard of a great theme for a challenge. It was so simple and yet so relevant that many other companies should do it. The theme was:

What are the stupid things that we should stop doing?…

How Companies Must Learn, Unlearn and Relearn

by Stefan Lindegaard
July 16, 20157/16/15 2 Comments

Not so long ago, I read this great quote by Alvin Toffler.

“The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn.”

What if we put this into the context of corporate functions and the rise of collaboration and the shared economy?

Production / supply chain: Companies learned to make their products and services by themselves; then they unlearned part of this in order to become even better through outsourcing and supply chain systems.…

The Execution of Innovation: A Free White Paper

by Stefan Lindegaard
June 25, 20156/25/15 4 Comments

For several decades corporations around the world have talked about innovation and tried many different efforts to get this to work at their organizations. The results have more often than not been mediocre or worse. The time has come to take stock of what’s working and what needs to change to improve the odds of success. There is a lot of change coming!

This is what I believe in and what I will cover in my white paper on “The Execution of Innovation”.…

Are You Ready to Change the Future of Innovation?

by Stefan Lindegaard
June 17, 20156/17/15 2 Comments

The future of innovation needs to change. Will you help make it happen?

This is what I believe in.

The future of innovation – and business – is driven by three global mega-trends:

Everything moves faster, everything will be connected and there will be a much higher degree of transparency.

Thus, we need a different approach on innovation. Here you have my current thoughts (work in progress) on this.

The focus is shifting away from ideas as they are in abundance.…

How to Wreck the Innovation Term

by Stefan Lindegaard
June 1, 20156/1/15 2 Comments

Here you get a good example on how to wreck and over-use the innovation term. I wonder if the company even considers whether they are doing themselves a disfavour (which I think they do).

On LinkedIn, I got some good perspectives in the discussion following my update. Let me share them here as well:

Michael Fruhling: You are probably right, Stefan. At a minimum, their marketing leaves much to be desired. Their offering may be differentiated…but I can’t tell how or why based upon their ad alone.…

Deloitte Lacks Diversity: What’s the Impact on Innovation?

by Stefan Lindegaard
May 22, 20155/22/15 6 Comments


Diversity is better for innovation, right?

So what’s wrong with this picture?

(26 new partners in Deloitte Denmark)

Deloitte makes a major push on innovation advice and services. It’s great to have such a player putting more focus on innovation, but I have to raise a question here.

What’s the impact on innovation thinking and the advice you offer in such a situation?

Unfortunately, this lack of diversity is not just an issue with Deloitte.…

Free Webinar: What You Need to Know on the Execution of Innovation

by Stefan Lindegaard
May 20, 20155/20/15 1 Comment

Did you know that the front end of innovation has become the easy part of corporate innovation? The real challenge is the execution part.

Did you know that many companies focus more on ideas than people when it comes to innovation? Ideas are important, but people make things happen and thus the right order of focus should be people first, processes next and then ideas.

If these questions make you think about the execution of innovation, then you should join my webinar – hosted by HYPE Innovation – in which you will get these insights:

the key insights corporate innovators miss on the execution of innovation how corporate innovation teams can match the right people with the right ideas at the right time for better innovation (hint – the key is people pools) examples on how corporate innovation teams at successful companies deal with the execution of innovation

The webinars takes place on Wednesday, June 10th at 5:00 PM – 5:45 PM CEST

You can register, free of charge, here: What Corporate Innovators Need to Know on the Execution of Innovation

Intrapreneurs and Corporate Rebels: This Is for You!

by Stefan Lindegaard
May 19, 20155/19/15 2 Comments

I have been in love with the term intrapreneur – and the idea behind the term – for many years now. It is a term that many people do not understand in full, but in essence this is about people who do not like the status quo and are willing to put up an effort to change things within a larger organization that does not always welcome change.

As I am preparing to give a talk on how intrapreneurs can boost their careers and make their companies stronger at the upcoming Intrapreneurship Conference in London in May, I stumbled over some blog posts that I believe will be inspiring to those, who know what it means to be an intrapreneur and a corporate rebel.…